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Increase Your Reach

Build Relationships

Communicate Impact

Community storytelling allows you to reach new people through peer to peer fundraising.

Build trust by engaging and empowering a community of key supporters.

Give your project leaders tools to show success and grow funds online.

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At Peer Giving, we work closely with clients and charity experts to build products that incorporate a cohesive strategy. We live and breathe charity every day (some of us even eat it for breakfast) to ensure fundraising best practices are the basis of our software.

A fundraising platform that empowers charities.


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         Project Pages

Replicate that coffee shop experience with easy-to-update storytelling pages.

Report on impact through photos, videos and rich media editing tools. Plus, each page is equipped with a fundraising goal, target date and live fundraising tally. 

         Fundraising Pages

Engage more supporters with grassroots fundraising pages.

Give your supporters the tools they need to take their support to the next level. Fundraisers can easily invite friends to donate, share the story, or start a team. 

        Donation Portal

Automate donations and save time with a built-in donation portal.

Save time with automatic tax receipting and thank you emails, segment your fundraising by projects, and collect donor data while providing privacy options. 

        Content Management

Manage your charity’s story and data with customizable themes and pages.

Customize your site to fit your brand through custom pages with rich media editing and HTML mode, plus integrated social media and home page slideshow. 

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